Cultivating Compassionate Communication

October 22, 5:00pm, EDT - 8:00pm, EDT

The Red Mile
1200 Red Mile Road
Lexington, KY 40504


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Session Synopsis:

 Over the years Margie has talked with countless employees yearning to be on a “good team.”  Often times, to achieve “goodness” relies on their co-worker changing.  Conflict or discourse on a team, most often, is a two-way street.  We need to begin the examination with an honest identification of what we “need.” Three years ago she came upon the work of Marshall Rosenberg called “Non-violent Communication” or as it is also referred to Compassionate Communication.  Marshall Rosenberg found that most conflicts happen when needs aren’t met or communicated.  What she found, even in her own reflection is that most of us don’t take enough time to reflect of what we are actually feeling or what needs we would like to present.

In this session, Margie will take a look at teams and discover some techniques for increasing our capacity for participating as good team members.

  • Discuss the components of what comprises a good team
  • Identify ways teams (or team members) become dysfunctional
  • Identify way to reframe our conversations

Speaker Biography:
Margie Dimond is the owner of Dimond Professional Development and Coaching.  After 38 years working within healthcare and academia, Margie is now sharing her experience with a variety of small businesses and organizations throughout the area.  She guarantees the time spent with staff and leaders whether in communication, conflict resolution, compassionate communication, building teams, or building resiliency will be memorable and fun.  Margie received a Master’s in Conflict Resolution from Antioch University and her Bachelor’s from U of L.  She holds a qualifying certification to administer the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator and has worked with the MBTI for 30 years.  Over the last few years Margie has become interested in the work of Marshal Rosenberg, Non-violent Communication, or more readily called Compassionate Communication.  Her passion is in helping individuals, teams, and organizations discover how to improve the work of teams to help build an engaging work environment.



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