The Internet of Healthy Things (IoHT) for Healthcare Organizations Webinar

February 15, 11:00am, EST - 12:00pm, EST

Online Webinar


The Internet of Healthy Things (IoHT) for Healthcare Organizations

The Internet of Healthy Things (IoHT) for Healthcare Organizations

The Internet of Things will impact many industries and healthcare can benefit by the potential of IoT to deliver real time information to providers.  However, IoT technologies applied to healthcare data require a thoughtful approach to managing data that is not present in other IoT applications.  Nearly all IoT data in healthcare can be associated with a patient, and healthcare organizations looking to leverage the potential of IoT data should establish thoughtful data plans.  This webinar provides an introduction to the state of IoT technologies in healthcare and provides an outline of things healthcare organizations must consider as they plan to integrate IoT technologies into their care processes.  From patient generated data to remote medical device management IoT can extend the visibility of organizations far beyond the institutional walls to improve provider understanding of patient status, but managing IoT data will require many of the same expectations we have today for any PHI. 

Todd Winey – Senior Advisor, Strategic Markets, InterSystems

Todd Winey - Speaker Bio 

Todd Winey is Senior Advisor, Strategic Markets, for InterSystems HealthShare.  With over 25 years of healthcare IT experience spanning payer and provider information technology, he brings a strategic perspective to healthcare IT that is eclectic. 

Mr. Winey’s career in healthcare IT has evolved along with the industry, from early coding and reimbursement software, claims adjudication, document management systems, acute clinical systems, to interoperability, medical device connectivity and health information exchange.  

An early contributor to the utilization of resource-based payments schedules across commercial, worker’s compensation and auto liability insurance lines, Mr. Winey was also a frequent consultant on state fee schedule creation.

His current focus is on the intersections of healthcare data and interoperability across the markets of clinical laboratories, imaging, genomics and IoT.

His career includes Senior Product and Business Development positions at ADP, First Health/Coventry Health, Picis, Optum and InterSystems.