Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter Board of Directors for 2017-2018

The Kentucky Bluegrass chapter of HIMSS is comprised of a dedicated group of IT professionals from different segments of healthcare. The Executive Committee consists of the elected Board Officers. The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee along with board committee chairs.

Board Executives



Scott Smiser

Immediate Past-PresidentDebi








John Clark


Communications Chair


Julie Patterson

Communication Chair-Elect

Jennifer Wilder


Events Chair

Crinda Franke


Events Chair-Elect   
Informatics ChairChris


Infromatics Chair-ElectCarla


Vendor Relations Chair

Marshall Fall
Vendor Relations Chair-ElectGreg


Professional Advancement ChairChristy Satterwhite


Professional Advancement Chair-ElectRebecca Gaslin


At LargePatrick Quirk


At LargePolly Mullins-Bentley


At LargeChris Hennessy


At LargeCynthia Daunhauer


At LargeFrank    Braunbraunf@nku.ede