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HIMSS Advancement

Maggie Van Vossen
Manager, Professional Development, Career Services
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CPHIMSS/CAHIMSS is a separate is a separate program that is obtained via a proctored test.  It is accredited and requires ongoing training and accreditation.

HIMSS Fellows and Senior Member Advancement Process & Application
On-line Application
Download PDF Application
In addition to the Application Form, please email us and attach these supporting documents:
1.    Current job description
2.    Organizational chart, with position circled
3.    Proof of highest degree, if applicable
4.    Proof of current certification credential, if applicable
5.    Letter of recommendation from current HIMSS Fellow (if applying for Fellow)
6.    Letter of recommendation from CxO (optional)

Apply for Member Advancement
We strongly encourage our members to contribute to the health IT industry through presentations, publications and volunteer participation. Active HIMSS members are recognized for their dedication to our society and industry when they become a Senior or Fellow member. Advancement criteria is based on professional capability, experience, leadership and service. Senior and Fellow Members are leaders within HIMSS and the industry. Advanced Membership recognizes past contributions, but also comes with expectations for continuing participation and contribution.

Why Get Certified?  

Certification demonstrates that you meet a standard of professional body of knowledge and reach a milestone in your professional development. Many organizations require that candidates have certification and encourage current employees to obtain certification.


By getting certified, you can:
•    Distinguish yourself in an increasingly competitive marketplace
•    Expand your career opportunities
•    Validate your knowledge, competency and credibility
•    Gain skills and tools to help you make a difference in your organization and your community
•    Demonstrate your commitment to continuing professional development
•    Gain a sense of personal and professional achievements
What are the HIMSS Certifications?
HIMSS administers two professional certification programs for healthcare information and management systems:
•    CAHIMS (Certified Associate in Healthcare Information and Management Systems) is designed for emerging professionals who may or may not have experience within the industry. CAHIMS is designed to be a pathway for careers in health IT.
•    CPHIMS (Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems) is a professional certification program for experienced healthcare information and management systems professionals.
Am I Eligible for Certification?
Eligible candidates can earn certification by taking the CAHIMS or CPHIMS exam.
Please view our eligibility requirements overview page to find out whether you qualify to take the CAHIMS and CPHIMS exam.

CAHIMS Eligibility Requirements
To qualify to take the CAHIMS examination and earn CAHIMS certification, youmust have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent.
For detailed information on CAHIMS eligibility requirements, refer to theCAHIMS Candidate Handbook.

PHIMS Eligibility Requirements
To qualify to take the CPHIMS examination and earn CPHIMS certification, you must either:
•    Hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or universityand
•    Have five years of information and management systems* experience, with three of those years in a healthcare setting**.
•    Hold a graduate degree or higher from an accredited college or university and
•    Have three years of information and management systems* experience, with two of those years in a healthcare setting**.

What are the Certification Fees?
For a detailed breakdown of fees associated with the HIMSS Certification program – including application, renewal and review material fees – please see our certification fees overview page.

Fee Reimbursement for Veterans

HIMSS Certification is a natural complement to many positions that veterans hold during or after active duty. Fee reimbursement eliminates a potential barrier veterans face to becoming certified in healthcare information and management systems, and may open the doors of opportunity for further advancement.
In order to be reimbursed for the HIMSS Certification Program, you must be eligible for the Montgomery G.I. Bill, Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP), Veterans Education Assistance Program (VEAP) orDependents Educational Assistance (DEA) programs.