Message from the BGHIMSS Board: COVID-19 Response

Dear Bluegrass HIMSS Members,


During this difficult time, we know that much of the healthcare community is at the front lines in dealing with COVID-19 response. We’d like your help in making a small gesture of thanks to those whose efforts might be less seen, but certainly not unappreciated. This will also allow us to support local restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops that are struggling to keep in business. If you know of a department, office, or organization that we should send a gesture of thanks – please let us know by submitting a nomination to


Include in your nomination the following information:

  • Organization Name
  • Department/Office
  • Contact Person & Phone
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Reason for Submission
  • Suggested bakery, coffee shop, restaurant in the area
  • Your name and phone number


It may not be possible to respond to every request, but we will take on as many as we can. We would also encourage all of our membership to publicly share your thanks on LinkedIn and other Social Media. Some organizations will not allow any type of gifting, but a word of thanks is always appreciated.


Thanks to all of you for the efforts that you are putting in each day.

The Board of BGHIMSS

Want more information about COVID-19, here's a link to the National HIMSS website:

Want to know more about how the State of Kentucky is handling the response to COVID-19, click here:

The Govenor's Response: