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Highlighting our Member's Accomplishments

Meet Doug Shearer, MBA, PMP, Project Management Specialist at Kindred Healthcare,

Doug obtained his Project Management Professional (PMP) on September 11, 2017.

What does Doug have to say about the value he's gained in getting his PMP?

"Through the certification, I have noticed increased confidence in managing projects. Project Management is something which can be applied in many every day events from cooking meals, budgeting personal finances, or to planning a trip.

The framework applied to workouts and personal goals has helped me work through challenges to continue to be the best I can be. I have developed friendships with other practitioners that will foster growth in my network and enrich my life. Goals are achieved through planning, discipline, and perseverance. This certification is another example in my life that has proven obstacles can be overcome.

Professional value has been gained due to breadth of the different areas in project management the certification covers. Furthermore, an employee’s ability to learn a framework and method of managing projects are valued by organizations."

What advice does Doug have to pass along to others pursuing their PMP? 

"Do not take the exam lightly. Taking the approach to over study is better than to not study enough. It is a very difficult test to conquer.

I would get into a class which you can interact with other professionals pursuing the same goal. I used a Prep Guide which included a book and test simulator.

In sports, every great athlete who achieves ultimate success will visualize themselves winning before they get there. When you are preparing yourself mentally, after you put the work in, visualize yourself succeeding. Throughout the process keep your mind, body, and spirit strong.

Be sure to create a plan for your studies. Then, be flexible and apply the risk mitigation you learn through your studies, because life happens. You must know what is best for you.

The days leading up to the exam, I avoided social media, and even monitored my exposure to the hurricane news, in an attempt to continue to give myself a positive mindset walking into the exam.

Look at the training like a marathon, one eases into the miles you can run comfortably, then the last few weeks you begin to taper your running. Therefore, you are well rested on the day of the run, in order to give your muscles the best opportunity to function at full capacity. The same thing applies. I reminded myself that I had put in a lot of work to gain this knowledge. Be sure to properly nutrition yourself the day of the exam.

Advice and direction are valuable and important to help one in their pursuits, but the battle to pass the exam will only be won if you face it with grit. On the journey, you may get knocked down, frustrated, and discouraged. Well, there are two ways to respond: you either get up (persevere through any challenge they throw your way); or, you lay on your back and feel sorry for yourself.

Be flexible with yourself. Stay positive believing in the work you are doing to grow both personally and professionally.

Best of luck in your pursuit of gaining the PMP certification. More importantly, I hope all who read this grow to become the best versions of themselves."

The Bluegrass HIMSS Chapter would like to congratulate Doug on his accomplishment!


Meet Debi Frederick, Techincal Account Engineer III at Ricoh Healthcare,

Debi obtained her Certified Associate in Healthcare Information & Management Systems (CAHIMS) on January, 13, 2017. 

What does Debi have to say about the value she's gained in obtaining this certification?

"The CAHIMS certification is a personal win for me as it reinforced my healthcare knowledge – proving I really do know what I am talking about in my profession.

Professionally, those credentials give me creditability with my peers. My peers are my co-workers, my clients, and my friends.

This was one of many items on my Individual Develop Plan (IDP) that I felt showed my commitment to healthcare in many aspects. Those of us that work in Healthcare IT live it 24/7 and then get to personally experience it as a patient or care giver We can’t afford not to understand it better in either aspect."

What advice does Debi have to pass along to others pursuing this certification?

"Personal development is exactly that – personal, but CAHIMS is a highly recognized and respected certification in healthcare and supports one’s commitment to this industry. I highly recommend it – study hard!"

The Bluegrass HIMSS Chapter would like to congratulate Debi on her accomplishment!

Meet Julie Smith, Certified Senior Clinical Systems Analyst at Baptist Healthcare,

Julie obtained her American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Nursing Infomatics in 2013 and recently recertified in 2017. 

What does Julie have to say about the value she's gained in obtaining this certification?

"It was something that I wanted to do for myself after getting my BSN back in 2012. I think my working in a hospital and being in computers only helped me to strengthen my understanding of informatics. I would like to go on and get my MSN in informatics someday."

What advice does Julie have to pass along to others pursuing this certification?

"It’s very rewarding and helps to keep you up on the current standards. The test is not easy and was just as nerve-wracking as when I took my nursing boards."

The Bluegrass HIMSS Chapter would like to congratulate Julie on her accomplishment!

Meet Chad Aull, Incident & Applications Team Manager at Kentucky Medical Service Foundation,

Chad aquired his certification in ITIL Foundation in IT Service Mangement on 4/21/2017. 

What does Chad have to say about the value he's gained in obtaining this certification?

"I work within an organization that is starting to adopt ITIL as a model for IT services. I was the second person within my department to pass the certification exam. This has allowed me to be a leader within our department when discussing processes and practices that ITIL encompasses."

What advice does Chad have to pass along to others pursuing this certification?

"Use as many different versions and types of study materials as you can find. The book is good, but there are many useful apps you can download that allow you to take practice tests. I also found study materials online that were free and helpful."


The Bluegrass HIMSS Chapter would like to congratulate Chad on his accomplishment!



To All BGHIMSS members:

Bluegrass HIMSS wants to celebrate the success of our members. If you have obtained a professional certification in 2017; we would like to do a profile on your journey to inspire and encourage other members to seek professional development. Your profile would be shared individually on our social media pages (FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) and be highlighted in a member email communication. If you or someone you know has recently attained a certification and would like to be profiled; please contact